Singer-songwriter Jim Young’s songs have had a profound impact on the men and women who grew up on Indian Reservations. His music touches people of all ages. When he came to the Berkshires to perform and record, he won many friends and fans through his music and stories.

Singer-songwriter Jim Young

Jim is able to move listeners from many cultures to a real sense of the shared trials and joys of people everywhere. Jim has recorded two other albums: “Trail of Tears” and “Jim Young, Medicine Boy.”

The Legend Of Crazy Horse

$15.00 (plus $2.50 s&h)

song titles:

  • The Legend of Crazy Horse
  • Friend
  • Help Me Remember
  • They Cut Their Names In Stone
  • It Tears Me Up
  • Come Sit By My Side
  • Little Darling
  • The Big “O”
  • Indian Love Song
  • Love In A Bottle
  • Reservation Boy
  • Long After You’re Gone