“I’m Learning to Read!” is NCMP’s latest
musical release. Built around a Kindergarten curriculum and
including ten original songs progressing from a review of the
basic building blocks of reading to rhyming and stories. Listen
and sing along or use the plug-in “homework versions” of the
song to further engage young listeners.

I’m Learning to Read!, CD from National Children's Music Project

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I’m Learning to Read handbook

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Download a printable handbook (pdf – 348k) to go along with your “I’m Learning to Read” CD. The book includes lyrics, chords and notes on the songs from David Grover.

I’m Learning to Read! – Spiral-bound handbook w/o CD:

Order the handbook in a spiral bound version with a full color cover for $5.00.

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You can download single tracks for $0.99 each.

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I’m Learning To Read: Buy Now

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I’m Learning To Read – Workbook Version:

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